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Starting a business is a smart strategy to take control of your work life, create a new income stream and keep you active and engaged in the years ahead. We’ll show you how to turn your experience and passion into independence and security as an entrepreneur, and provide expert advice and support that can help you realize your goals faster.
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Experience and expertise is one thing. Finding someone you feel comfortable working with is another. Lori Martinek is a successful serial entrepreneur and an experienced business advisor, mentor and consultant who has worked with business owners across the U.S. to help them address the challenges of startup and growth. Lori has a passion for working with aspiring entrepreneurs and growth-minded small business owners. She’ll work with you to create a plan for growth that improves your chances for success. It’s like having a partner you trust to think things through with – a smart and experienced one!

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Nearly 25% of all businesses in the U.S. are started by individuals who are 50 or older — a rate that is higher than any other age group. These aspiring business owners are called encore entrepreneurs, because they are starting a second career or company, transitioning out of the workforce or re-inventing themselves as they begin their next chapter. Like you, they are experienced, energetic, savvy and not ready to retirement.

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More than 650,000 businesses will be born in the U.S. this year. A third will fail within the first two years.
U.S. Small Business Administration

Business owners who seek professional assistance experience faster sales growth and are more likely to succeed than those who don’t.* Encore Business Advisors is a one-stop source for high-caliber advising, consulting, web design and social media expertise that will help get your business get noticed and get growing.
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*ASBDC 2019 economic impact data.

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You are if you have a great business idea, expertise to share, a desire to make people’s lives better or a lifelong passion that you finally have time to pursue. We work with professionals, transitioning executives and small business owners who are looking for new markets, new ways to work and new ways to grow. We have a special interest in working with encore entrepreneurs, and with Veteran, Woman and Minority business owners who are looking to explore growth opportunities including e-commerce and government contracting.

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