Step 1: Talk To Us

Your first one-hour phone session is on us. We’ll use it to learn about you, your business and your plans. We’ll walk you through our targeted assessment process and suggest ways for you to move forward. The road to success starts here and the first step is free!

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Step 2: Set Goals

We’ll work with you to create SMART goals with realistic timelines, show you how to identify and prioritize next steps and track your progress. You’ll have the ability to reach out to us between sessions with your questions, to get answers when you need them.

Step 3: Create a Plan

We’ll lead you through the development of a business plan that includes actionable strategies to source funding, develop markets, attract customers and build sales. You’ll learn how to use resources and research to match your offering to real and emerging needs in the marketplace.

Step 4: Identify Customers

We’ll use our expertise in target marketing, website development and social media to help you identify, reach and speak to prospective customers efficiently and cost-effectively. You’ll learn how to leverage technology to create sales, build relationships and control your marketing costs.

Step 5: Work Your Plan and Track Results

We’ll keep you focused, motivated and moving forward toward your goals with regularly scheduled phone or web meetings and unlimited email support. Our front-line experience in small business development will help you work through the challenges of startup and growth without getting frustrated or sidetracked. You’ll learn how to react to opportunities and challenges and use technology to make your business more profitable.

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