My new book is now available on AmazonRetiring Solo: Plan to Be Happy, Healthy and Independent in the Years Ahead. The subject is relevant whether you are single, married or otherwise. Why? Because the reality is that, over the course of our lifetime, most of us will spend more time solo than in a married or committed relationship. And: It is almost certain that we will be solo during the later years of our lives.

More than 10,000 Baby Boomers turn 65 every day – a trend that will continue through 2030. Few feel ready for retirement, emotionally or financially. The new ‘retirement’ is about rebalancing, reimagining and redefining what could be the next 30 years of your life. Have you thought about how you will spend your time, how or where you will live, how you will pay for that lifestyle, and how you will stay active and healthy in the years ahead? You should. Retiring Solo gets you thinking about what you want your future to look and feel like, and how to make it happen.  See it on Amazon here.

Retiring Solo focuses on encore entrepreneurship and its impact on the ‘new retirement’. Aspiring entrepreneurs in the 55-64 age bracket are starting businesses at a faster rate than any other demographic. Today, more than 25% of all new businesses are started by an entrepreneur who is 50 or older. I created Encore Business Advisors to leverage my experience as an SBA, SBDC and PTAP consultant and counselor to help these small business owners build stronger businesses, from the ground up. ED/c Partners exists to help them expand once they gain traction.

It has been an exceptional year, with more to come!

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