A survey by the MetLife Foundation and Encore.org reported that an estimated nine million Americans in the 44 to 70 age range are already engaged in second or ‘encore’ careers and another 31 million are interested in pursuing one. Over the next 10 years, according to the AARP article that documented the study, 25 percent of all Baby Boomers hope to start a business or non-profit, and half of those same people want to make a difference in the world while earning money.

Reinvention can also mean using your decades of experience or expertise to take on the teaching, coaching or consulting career that you have always been interested in. You can pair a Master’s degree with your years of experience and teach as an adjunct at the community college level. You can put years of sales or customer service experience to work to become a trainer or online service rep. Look beyond your resume and consider the skills that you have developed, the experiences that you have had, and the types of companies that you have worked for or with. Somewhere in that skillset is the foundation for your next career or business venture. It just takes some reimagining and repurposing to see it – and then some initiative to act on it.

This is a good time to re-imagine what your work life could be. Here’s your chance to do something that you have always loved; to create a career out of a passion; or take the expertise that you have acquired and use it to create a new business or pursuit. We can help, by talking you through your business concept with a free 60-minute session. Contact Lori here.



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